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About Us

Beyond Investment

Beyond Investment is an online investment platform where your money works for you in 3 days with a return of 50% of your investment. We have introduced a 100% recommitment service for sustainability. Our platform is:

  • Tested and approved.
  • Security guaranteed.
  • Trusted and Reliable.
  • Available 24/7 with customer support
  • Fast paying.

Special Offers

50% ROI in 3 Days

Beyond Investment provides you 50% returns on investment in 3 days. This is amazing you know!

100% Recommitment

We introduce to you 100% recommitment policy to ensure contuinity and sustainability.

5% Referral Bonus

You don't need to wait. Cash out your bonus instantly as you refer others.

Faq Question

You can get started with a simple click on the sign up button

18years and above are eligible to register. Please, do not register if you fall below this age.

Immediately after registration, you will need to pay activation fee and which after, you can proceed to invest.

After 3 days, your returns on investment will be ready for cash out.

Yes you can withdraw immediately after recommitment.

The defaulter will be blocked and the individual requesting withdrawal will be remerged instantly.

Activation Fee

You are to pay one time activation fee of ₦1,000.00 only.


Before making a withdrawal, you are expected to make a 100% recommitment of your pre-investment.


Our support services run 24/7.